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Blog / News RSS 2.0 Pulls a Babe Ruth and Jacob Ruppert autographed TRISTAR Signa Cuts 1/1 Card

We had only a few remaining boxes left of the TRISTAR Signa Cuts Bronx Edition, and so we decided at to open the remaining few boxes so we could add a few Signa Cuts Yankees autographs to our showcase. The very last box we opened contained the redemption card for the coveted Babe Ruth and Jacob Ruppert autographed cut card. Wow!

My employee, Florida Marlins top prospect, Logan Morrison, and I were both in shock to pull such an amazing card. It was definitely the pull of a lifetime, and can be viewed at our website Thank you TRISTAR!

Jim Sage & Logan Morrison


Jim Sage holding the TRISTAR Signa Cuts Babe Ruth / Jacob Ruppert 

-Jim Sage




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